Forest of Fame

What is the Forest of Fame?

The Forest of Fame is our latest initiative to honor the partners, volunteers, and community members who have helped Philly become the City of Arborly Love. From organizing tree giveaways to planting trees across their neighborhood, these folks know how to leave a lasting impact while greening their communities. Get to know our “inductrees” or inductees and stay tuned for future winners! Learn how you can give back to your local forest by reading their stories.

Nominate the tree hero in your community by emailing [email protected]. Send us your name, contact information, and a paragraph about how your tree hero contributes to Philadelphia’s urban forest.

Past Inductrees:
April 2019: Ann Cohen
March 2019: Krista Hill
November 2018: Hasan Malik
October 2018: Kim Washington
September 2018: Gabriella Páez