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Philadelphia Parks & Recreation is offering Philadelphia residents FREE yard trees for their private property (front, back, and side yards).  Trees must be planted  in the ground on private property in Philadelphia, and my not be planted in the sidewalk or in a container. Participants who pre-register can choose between a variety of species, including shade trees, flowering trees, and fruit trees! Participants can pick up their trees at special events across the city in April. At each event, we’ll show you how to plant and care for your tree and send you home with a free bag of mulch. 

Spring 2015 Pick-Up Events
Bridesburg Rec Center
4625 Richmond St, 19137
Saturday, April 11

Eastwick Regional Park
80th St & Mars Place, 19153
Saturday, April 11

Pennypack Enivornmental Center
8600 Veree Rd, 19115
Saturday, April 18

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Also available in Spanish (Español) and Polish (polski).


About the TreePhilly Yard Tree Program

Free Delivery and Planting for People with Limited Mobility

Download the application here

If you have limited mobility and cannot pick up and plant your tree, we are offering a free delivery and planting service.  There are a limited number of slots available for this service, dependent upon funding, so you are not guaranteed a spot if you apply.  Applicants who receive the free delivery and planting service who are subsequently found to be fraudulent will be billed $65 for each tree that was delivered and planted. In addition, you are responsible for all care of the tree after it has been planted.  This includes watering the tree 20 gallons every week from April through November of the first two years after planting, mulching the tree twice a year throughout its lifetime, pruning the tree when appropriate, and removal of the tree if needed.  Contact us at treephilly@phila.gov for more information about this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big will my tree be when I get it at the giveaway event?

At the time you receive your tree, it will be between 4 and 6 feet tall in a 2 to 5 gallon container, but it will vary by tree type. 

Why don’t you offer trees that are larger when planted?

We try to strike a balance between a tree that is large enough to make an immediate impact and “look like a tree” when you plant it, and a tree that is small enough that you can get it home in a variety of ways (car, bus, bike, walking) and plant it yourself.

Where do I go to get my tree?

When you pre-register for the Yard Tree Program you can choose your pick up date and location.  Once an event fills up you can no longer register for it, so register early!  

How will I get my tree home?

The trees we provide will be small enough that you can easily fit them into a compact car, bungee them onto a bike rack, or carry them home on the bus or train.  They will weigh between 15 and 25 pounds each, depending on the type.  We will not provide bungee cords or plastic bags to cover your tree, so please bring whatever supplies you need to secure your tree for the trip home.

What kind of trees will be available?

The kind of trees we have available to give away depend upon availability at the nursery and will vary by season.  We provide mostly native species and cultivated fruit trees.  CLICK HERE to read more information on each of the tree species we have available this season.

Why don’t you give away evergreen trees, or shrubs and flowers?

The purpose of the Yard Tree Program is to contribute to the tree canopy in the city; the layer of branches and leaves that capture falling rain, reduce flooding, clean our air, and shade our streets and homes.  While evergreen trees, and shrubs and flowers are important, they do not provide a large amount of tree canopy and the services that canopy provides, so we do not have funding to provide them.

Where should I plant my new tree? Can I plant it in the sidewalk next to my home?

Your tree must be planted in the ground on your property within 15 days of pickup; it will die if it is kept too long in the container. These trees can NOT be planted in the sidewalk next to your property, but please see the Street Tree page of this website for information about getting a tree for your sidewalk/street.  Check out this helpful video from the Texas A&M Forest Service for advice on where to plant your tree in your yard to maximize energy savings.

How do I plant my tree?

We will do a tree planting and care demonstration at the pickup event and you will go home with diagrams and instructions for proper planting and care of your new tree.  Free mulch will be available at all events.  You can see a planting demonstration video from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society here.


Here’s what people are saying about their experience with the TreePhilly Yard Tree Program:

“I think that this is a wonderful program. I am thankful that Mayor Nutter sponsored/created this great event which shows that he is forward thinking and devoted to the environment and to neighborhoods” 

“This program is awesome and I hope to participate again. Really, this is great to preserving our green areas and to improve the quality of healthy living in the city. Thank you.” 

“This was a great experience and wonderful gift. Thank you for the tree and educating us. Keep up the good work.”

“We love our tree!  Thank you for making the process of obtaining and caring for our tree so easy!”

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    TreePhilly connects Philadelphia residents with the resources they need to plant and care for trees and to grow our urban forest.

    TreePhilly Program
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    For questions about street trees (trees in the sidewalk along the street):
    215 685 4363
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