Tree Care Resources

 Tree Tenders

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Tree Tenders are some of the most knowledgeable tree stewards in the city. They offer frequent training classes that will help you to become one as well, by linking you with planting groups in your neighborhood, teaching you about tree species, proper tree care, and so much more. All in all, you’ll become an amateur tree expert!

Philly Tree Map

You can contribute to the brand new, publicly-sourced, interactive Philly Tree Map.  Add your trees to the map, edit information about existing trees, and use the Tree Key to identify trees all across the City! Click their logo to learn more.

eLEARN Urban Forestry

Click above to access eLearn: Urban Forestry, an advanced online distance-learning program geared specifically towards novice urban foresters and professionals working in and around urban landscapes (i.e., service foresters, natural resource planners, landscape architects, city officials and public works employees).  Developed by the US Forest Service, USDA and other partners.

Tree Care & Planting Videos from PHS

The link above will take you to some incredible videos that were created by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.  Videos include “Basic Tree Care:  Watering,” “Basic Tree Care:  Pruning,” and “Planting a Container-Grown Tree.”

Caring for Your Tree

Click above to learn all you need to know about proper maintenance of your tree once you’ve got it in the ground.  (Printable handout)

How Trees Benefit the City

Click above to learn how trees not only look beautiful, but help us in so many other ways.  (Printable handout)

De-Icing Salts & Tree Health

Click above to see alternative ways to melt ice and keep your property safe while also taking care of the soil and your trees!  (Printable handout)

How To Plant a Container Tree

Click above to learn how to properly plant your new container tree in the ground!  (Printable handout)

Installing a Low Cost Tree Guard

Click the link above to download a pattern for a low-cost wooden tree guard, from the NYC non-profit BrooklynShade.  Properly designed tree guards protect your tree from pet waste and compaction from foot traffic while allowing storm water to drain in from the sidewalk, and also remaining flexible enough for your tree to grow without restrictions.

Planting Trees for Energy Savings

This helpful video from the Texas A & M Forest Service provides advice for where to plant your deciduous and evergreen trees to maximize energy savings in your home.

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