May 21, 2014

Spring Tree Giveaway Season Wrap-up

Thanks to all of you, we gave away 1,500 free yard trees to over 800 Philadelphians this spring! The demand for trees this spring was unprecedented, proving that Philadelphians are more informed about the benefits of urban trees and more excited about making Philly the City of Arborly Love than ever. We’re already working hard to meet that demand and plan our Fall 2014 giveaways, which will be announced later this summer. Stay tuned for details! S14 Northeast April 5 - Mindy Maslin (L), Capt. Jeff Ganz with grand daughter Giana (R) Click here to check out pictures from our spring giveaways by Philly photographer Charles Bouril! To share photos of your TreePhilly yard tree in its new home, send photos to or post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag us @TreePhilly. timthumb And click here to watch a great video created by Philadelphia Neighborhoods at our West Oak Lane Library giveaway on Sunday, April 6.  

Tree Huggers

And finally, check out these wonderful comments from some of our spring 2014 yard tree recipients. Click here to share your own tree story with us. “My tree helps me to teach my kids a beautiful story about our city and neighborhood.” “The PhillyTree that we received we donated to my church which is in Philadelphia. With very young children in its pre-school, these children will be able to witness growth, beauty, and appreciate the wonders of nature. They too may be inspired to become tree huggers.” “I love my tree. I talk to him every day and encourage him to grow.” “I am so grateful for the opportunity you have given us to have a Tree in our backyard. I look forward to the beauty it will bring and hope that one day my boys will climb in it. I am grateful that you are helping to green our city and bring trees into the lives of all residents!” My tree “signifies the roots I am making in my new (first) home.” “I named my tree Figgy Stardust!! (She’s a fig tree.) I love my new tree. It also inspired me to start a shared garden with my neighbors from our duplex. Really exciting!” “I love trees, but can’t afford to buy any, so this is an excellent program and opportunity for me,thank you so very much! I wish my yard could be a little forest! I am very blessed!” “We planted our tree in our new back yard on the day that we closed on our house. It was our first act as home owners, and our first improvement to our new property. Our two year old daughter helped us plant the tree, and helps us water it and care for it. We hope it will live in our yard at least as long as we live in the house!” “Planting a fig tree in my back yard made me feel connected to my Philadelphia heritage as the descendant of immigrants to Philadelphia. Although, my ancestors weren’t the ones to carry figs across the ocean, it still felt like a local tradition.”