September 15, 2023

Meet the Fall 2023 trees!

We have an exciting selection of native, ornamental and fruit trees to offer this season of our Community Yard Tree Giveaway Program and look forward to finding a home for each and every sapling. Browse our tree profiles to determine which species will best fit your needs, then register for your favorite! Learn How to Get a Free Yard Tree Here!
Flip through for a helpful guide to choosing the right tree for your yard! Want to learn more about planting and caring for your tree? Read our TreePhilly Siting Guide and check out our Yard Tree Planting and Care Page.

Not all tree species are available at all events or through all delivery programs.

See these species info sheets in Spanish!

See these species info sheets in simplified Chinese!

Large Shade Trees

Smaller Shade Trees

Smaller Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Fruit Trees