April 5, 2019

Introducing our next Forest of Fame Inductree

The Forest of Fame

April 2019: Ann Cohen

What is the Forest of Fame?

The TreePhilly Forest of Fame is our latest initiative to honor the partners, volunteers and community members who have helped Philly become the City of Arborly Love. From organizing tree giveaways to becoming dedicated tree parents, these folks know how to leaf a lasting impact while greening their communities. Get to know our inductrees, and stay tuned for a new inductree next month!
Nominate the tree hero in your community by emailing [email protected]. Send us your name, contact information, and a paragraph about how your tree hero contributes to Philadelphia’s urban forest.

TreePhilly Forest of Fame Inductree April 2019:
Ann Cohen

Why she’s tree-mendous
Ann Cohen takes great care of the trees she gets through TreePhilly giveaways. And much to her delight, the trees love returning the favor. While her river birch trees soak up excess stormwater in her yard, her paw-paw trees bless her with the tasty paw-paw fruit (aka the hipster banana). Talk about a win-win. Nature is truly flourishing in her beautiful Roxborough neighborhood yard now, which also features a beehive box to encourage garden pollination and flowering trees. She’s also transformed a nearby public right-of-way from a weedy strip into a gorgeous garden—and who doesn’t love a fabulous makeover? TreePhilly is so lucky to get to work with a great person like Ann, and we’re honored to have her as a 2019 Forest of Fame Inductree. TreePhilly Giveaways S19