September 16, 2019

Meet the Fall 2019 Giveaway Trees!

We have an exciting selection of native, ornamental and fruit trees this season of our Community Yard Tree Giveaway Program and look forward to finding a home for each and every sapling. Browse our tree profiles to determine which species will best fit your needs, then register for your favorite at the community giveaway nearest you! Full list of Fall 2019 giveaway events here.

Need help choosing which tree is best for you? Take our Tree Quiz to learn which tree is best for you and your yard!
Want to learn more about planting and caring for your tree? Read our TreePhilly Siting Guide and check out our Yard Tree Planting and Care Page.

Please note that not every tree species will be available at every giveaway event.

Large Shade Trees

  • An outstanding native tree that produces acorns and attracts songbirds
  • Drought and flood tolerant
  • Plant 30+ feet away from overhead wires

  • Highly urban tolerant
  • Great for bees and birds!
  • Plant 30+ feet away from overhead wires

Shade Trees

  • Stunning white flowers and fall color
  • Creates medium sized round canopy
  • Plant 30+ feet away from overhead wires

  • Beautiful native tree from Appalachia
  • Strong, tough tree tolerant of many environments
  • Tolerant of heat and frost – very adaptable

  • Rare stunning native tree, in the same family as blueberries
  • Bright red fall color; interesting bark
  • Flowers produce some of the best honey in the world

  • Small Trees

    • Native tree with beautiful form and foliage
    • Resilient and adaptable tree for small spaces

    • Small, evergreen native tree with gorgeous and fragrant white flowers
    • Tolerates wet conditions
    • Safe for planting under wires

    Fruit Trees

  • Large, crisp fruits
  • Disease resistant and delicious
  • Great for fresh eating, baking, or cider!

  • Short-lived tree with excellent fruit
  • Requires yearly pruning and pest/disease management
  • Prune to maintain vase-like form
  • North America’s largest native fruit, with a flavor similar to mango and banana custard
  • Comes as a pair of trees (requires 2 for pollination to get fruit)
  • Shade tolerant and adaptable to wet soils
  • Host of the rare Zebra swallowtail butterfly