September 18, 2018

Meet the Fall 2018 Giveaway Trees!

These are the tree species given away Fall 2018. Check back soon for the species available in Spring 2019!

We have an exciting selection of native, ornamental and fruit trees this season and look forward to finding a home for each and every sapling. Browse our tree profiles to determine which species will best fit your needs, then register for your favorite at the community giveaway nearest you!

Información en español: Lea sobre los árboles y elija su especie de árbol aquí

Large Trees

Information about a Hackberry Tree
  • The Hackberry is hardy and very low-maintenance
  • Hackberry trees grow at a medium-fast rate, and provide good shade coverage
  • Plant 20+ feet away from overhead wires
Click Here to read the PDF about the Hackberry
Info about a White oak tree

  • A slow-growing, long-lived tree
  • Leaves turn beautiful shades of red in fall
  • Produces acorns
  • Good for biodiversity, supports many bird species
  • Plant 30+ feet away from overhead wires

Medium Trees

  • Prefers moist, rich soil
  • Low-maintenance and resistant to disease and insects
  • Slow growing, maximum height around 30 feet
  • Shade-tolerant

Small Trees

  • Beautiful flowers in the spring and red leaves in the fall
  • Very thirsty tree! Keep up with weekly watering
  • Safe for pipes, wires, and sidewalks

  • Also known as juneberry or shadbush
  • Produces edible berries similar to blueberries
  • No common pests, low-maintenance

  • Somewhat fast-growing, maximum height around 20 feet
  • Flowers from May through June, very attractive to songbids
  • Plant in full sun for best flowers

Fruit Trees

  • Mature height between 15 and 30 feet depending on variety
  • Requires regular watering in dry periods
  • Begins to bear fruit after 5-6 years

  • High maintenance tree, requiring regular watering and pruning
  • Vulnerable to extreme cold
  • Fruit appears in late summer/early fall and should be promptly harvested
  • Plant in full sun, away from sidewalks or pipes

  • Grows quickly, 20-25 feet tall at maturity
  • For good fruit, plant in moist, fertile soil with lots of sun
  • Requires pruning, can be damaged by extreme cold or spring frosts
  • Vulnerable to insects and disease