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TreePhilly now has a Facebook page!  See photos from happy tree owners and get the latest news about TreePhilly programs and events at

TreeNE Holmesburg Rec Center 11.23.13

TreePhilly helped at the Fall Tree Tenders planting with Tree Northeast on November 23rd, 2013.  This pic and others are on our Facebook page!

Yard Tree Giveaways a Success!

Our Fall 2013 Yard Tree program came to an end this weekend with the final two giveaways in Frankford and West Oak Lane.  Thanks to all of the community partners, volunteers, and new tree owners that made this giveaway season a success!  We’ve uploaded pictures to our Flickr page, go take a look!

F13 West Oak Lane 11.17 - the volunteers
TreePhilly volunteers and community partners pose before the West Oak Lane giveaway begins.  Apparently there are just too many of us to get in the frame!

F13 Frankford 11.16 - Frankford JROTC
Frankford JROTC helped give out free mulch to new tree owners in Overington Park at the Frankford giveaway.

F13 Northeast 11.9 - Phil and Linda Grutzmacher, Ali Rosenberg

TreeNortheast volunteers helped people choose the perfect tree for their yard at the NorthEast giveaway at the Pennypack Environmental Center.


Walk-in participants still accepted at the Yard Tree Program giveaway events

Pre-registration for the Yard Tree Program is now over, but you can still come to the events as a walk-in participant and choose from a limited list of trees!  Check out the events below; we hope to see you there!

Sat. November 9th
12noon to 4pm
Pennypack Environmental Center
8600 Verree Rd. 19115

Sun. November 10th
11am to 1pm
Columbus Square Playground
1200 Wharton St. 19147 (we will be at the corner of 13th St. and Reed St.)

Sat. November 16th
11am to 1pm
Overington Park
4600 Leiper St. 19124 (we will be by the shed close to the Pilling St. side of the park)

Sun. November 17th
12noon to 2pm
West Oak Lane Library
2000 Washington Lane 19138 (we will be on the 74th Ave. side of the library)

Greenland, Byrd

Byrd the dog looks after the yard trees at Greenland Nursery in West Fairmount Park!

Announcing the Fall 2013 TreePhilly Yard Trees!

The trees are in and we are so excited to share them with you! (Pre-register for the Yard Tree Program here)

Click here to find out which trees will be at each event, and to view the tree profiles and pics of what they look like now!  If you pre-register you can choose from all of the trees at the event, but it is first-come-first served, so come with an open mind!  Walk-in participants will not be able to get fruit trees.

Brown Turkey Figs

Brown turkey figs on the trees at the nursery, waiting for you to take them home!  Fig trees will be available at the Columbus Square Playground and Overington Park giveaway events.

Montmorency Fruit (2)

Montemorency cherries on the trees at the nursery.  Sour cherry trees will be available at the Pennypack Environmental Center and West Oak Lane Library giveaway events.



Yard Tree Giveaways in November

Don’t miss your chance to register for the TreePhilly Yard Tree Program!  By pre-registering, you will be able to select from between 8 and 10 trees at each giveaway location, including fruit trees! (Walk-in participants will not be able to get fruit trees).

Click here to learn more and register through October 31st


We will be at the following events giving out trees.  Register now because some of the events will fill up!

Sat. November 9th
Pennypack Environmental Center (8600 Verree Rd. 19115)

10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm time slots

Sun. November 10th
Columbus Square Playground (1200 Wharton St. 19147)


Sat. November 16th
Overington Park (4600 Leiper St. 19124)


Sun. November 17th
West Oak Lane Library (2000 Washington Lane 19138)

American Hornbeam

An American Hornbeam tree at the nursery, waiting for the tree giveaway events in November!

The City in the Forest

(Before we begin, don’t miss your chance to sign up for your free yard trees!)

Join us THIS MONDAY for a special program launching the new Parkland Forest Management Framework!  “The City in the Forest:  How Urban Nature Changes Lives and Saves the Planet” will be on October 7, 2013 starting at 6pm at The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University (1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway).  Deputy Mayor Michael DiBerardinis will explain how the Parks and Recreation Department’s new Parkland Forest Management Framework will be a key tool for guiding the management of the city’s natural resources over the next decade, and how local stewards can participate in this work.  Featured speaker and author Emma Marris will highlight her important insights on the new face of nature in the 21st century. She calls on citizens to tend the urbanized environment as a “rambunctious garden,” a hybrid of wild nature and human management.  The evening will include the presentation of the Academy of Natural Sciences’ Ruth Patrick Award for Environmental Stewardship to Mayor Michael A. Nutter in recognition of his administration’s leadership in environmental stewardship, including the launch and implementation of Greenworks Philadelphia, the sustainability plan which includes the tree canopy goal that TreePhilly is working with YOU to meet!
City in the Forest

Celebrating our Community Partners

Registration for the Yard Tree Program is open until October 31st.

Click here to learn more and to register.

On September 18th TreePhilly community partners, volunteers, and tree recipients celebrated the planting of the 100,000th tree since the beginning of Mayor Michael Nutter’s administration in 2008!  25 community groups were honored for their partnership in the TreePhilly Yard Tree Program and other programs with a framed certificate, signed and presented by Mayor Michael Nutter.  We also celebrated Wells Fargo’s continued commitment to the Yard Tree Program with a check presentation (which will mean lots more yard trees in 2014!).  And none of it would have been possible without the amazing Fairmount Park Conservancy.  Check out the full set of photos here.


TreePhilly community partners raise their fists in the air, “Rocky style” to celebrate the planting of 100,000 trees, 25% of which were planted by volunteers!


Al, Kim, and Theo receive an award from Mayor Nutter for their tree-planting work as part of the Lower Moyamensing Civic Association.

The City of Arborly Love

Help make Philly a City of Arborly Love by requesting a free yard tree through our Fall 2013 Yard Tree Program. Individual property owners can request up to 2 free yard trees and religious or community organizations can request up to 10 free yard trees. Also this fall, for the first time, we will have a limited number of fruit trees!  Register between now and October 31st, and pick up your tree at one of the four events in November (11/9, 11/10, 11/16 or 11/17).  You must pre-register to be eligible for a fruit tree, but tree choice is first-come, first served, you cannot pre-register for a specific type of tree.



The Arthur family and their Eastern Redbud tree.  Planted in spring 2012, photo taken spring 2013.

Yard Trees in Action

We recently received an update from one of our TreePhilly Yard Tree Program participants – Elsie Stevens, President of the Holme Circle Civic Association said:

“attached are photos of the Spring 2013 TreePhilly program trees that members of the Holme Circle Civic Association planted in the Old Crispin Cemetery (a.k.a. Thomas Holme Cemetery) in the 3000 block of Holme Avenue at Convent Road, Northeast Philadelphia.  We have transformed a trash and weed infested cemetery with fallen trees into one which is an asset to our neighborhood with newly planted trees, shrubs and flowers . . . thank you for making this program available to us.”


Elsie has been watering the trees during this hot summer with jugs of water that she brings to the site in her car (!) and the entire project has been made possible with volunteer labor and donated materials.  What an incredible feat, and a dedicated group of people!

Registration for the Fall 2013 Yard Tree Program will open on September 18th, check back here for more details in the meantime.  Property owners in the City of Philadelphia can register for two trees per address, or up to ten trees for community spaces.


Getting Ready for Fall

This week the TreePhilly team visited a nursery to start choosing trees for the Fall 2013 Yard Tree Program!  We will be expanding our species selection with some exciting additions this fall, see if you can identify any of them in the pictures below.  Registration for the Yard Tree Program will open in mid-September, and pickup events will be in early November.  Stay tuned for more info as the fall season approaches!

Tree Authority nursery visit 7.16 (5)

Tree Authority nursery visit 7.16 (1)

Tree Authority nursery visit 7.16 (3)

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