Community Yard Tree Giveaways

TreePhilly is branching out!

TreePhilly’s Community Yard Tree Giveaway program empowers community groups to help restore Philly’s urban forest – starting in their own back yards! Through this program, we provide small grants to local community groups so they can host yard tree giveaways in their neighborhoods. We do what we do best – provide the trees, education, and event support – and community groups do what they do best – connect with constituents to improve their neighborhoods!

Registration for Fall 2018 Giveaways is Now Open!

Spring 2018 Grants

Our biggest community-driven outreach ever: in Spring 2018 we gave 13 grants to community organizations across the city, from faith-based organizations, to neighborhood associations, to community development organizations. Groups were granted between 25 and 100 trees, as well as mulch, educational materials, and $500. Our community partners this season helped us give away 825 trees in Spring 2018! The following groups hosted their own yard tree giveaways through our Community Yard Tree Giveaway Grant.