Hire a Certified Arborist to Plant Your Tree

Request a Tree for Your Property

Property owners who want a street tree within a shorter timespan are encouraged to hire a certified arborist at their own expense. All street tree plantings must be done by certified arborists with a permit obtained from Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.

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tree Species List
  1. Request our Qualified Contractors list and select a contractor to work with.
  2. Your contractor must obtain a tree planting permit from Philadelphia Parks & Recreation by calling our Street Tree Management office at (215) 685-4362.
  3. PPR Street Tree Inspectors will inspect your property and either approve or deny your planting request based on sidewalk space and underground utilities.
  4. If your planting is approved, your contractor must select a species from our Approved Street Tree Species list.
  5. Your contractor will plant your tree, including cutting a sidewalk pit if there is not an existing one.