January 20, 2016

Applications now open for Spring 2016 Community Tree Giveaway Grants!

We want your community group or local business to help restore the city’s urban forest- starting in your own back yard. In partnership with the Fairmount Park Conservancy and TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®, we are offering five grants worth $500 and 50 or 100 trees that will enable community groups and local businesses to host yard tree giveaways this fall.

grant app announcement

TreePhilly Community Yard Tree Giveaway Grant Application S16

Applications are due Friday, February 12The application deadline has been extended to Monday, February 15th!. Simply complete the application, linked above, and submit via email to or mail to  


Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

1515 Arch St., 10th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19102


  1. Mai Tamu Robertson

    I left a message on the voice mail at 12:39PM today 2/17/16. I have a question – How can a person tell if a tree is died or require some help? My mother reside at the 1400 block at 56th Street in West Philadelphia. We noticed last year the tree (in front of her door) did not bloom with flowers like the other trees on the block in fact the tree colored turned green (very sad & odd because the tree appeared so strong and healthy). A neighbor told her, he noticed a guy (working on cars) pouring old car oil in the grass where the tree is located) either way its very sad. I tried to surf the site however I could not find any information with regard to dead trees. I would love a response. Thank you.

    • treephilly

      Hi Mai,

      Sorry for the delay in response. Sorry to hear about your tree! Call the street tree office to see what they recommend. You may have to have an arborist come out and inspect the tree.

      The Street Tree Office can be reached at 215-685-4362 or 215-685-4363.


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